Shaving (w/ the perfect human)

password: art141

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One Response to Shaving (w/ the perfect human)

  1. Jocelyn Foye says:

    This video had a lot going on in it. First, thanks for tackling the Perfect Human. Not totally the easiest but also incredibly difficult video to tackle– and some of you did with grace. I think your concept for the video is the strongest. Then some of the video you took is second strongest, third strongest is the illustration over the 60’s actor and least successful is the actor’s body over the sea of red blood. That made the end of it less “serious” or face slapping as I think you have every right to take it.

    You should take the AfterEffects class next semester as I think you hold the potential to be a lot stronger in this style… typical teacher thing to say right? Well, I mean it here a lot.

    Good luck and keep me in the loop. Also, please keep this up so I can show people in the future 😉

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