Point and Line: Physical and Digital


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9 Responses to Point and Line: Physical and Digital

  1. I think the face really captures empathy.

  2. imraydy says:

    -_- <— this popped into my head when I saw ur work. its simple but the background or plane seems dull.(in which probably helps the concept)

  3. I really like this. It’s funny and it’s plain enough to convey the idea. 🙂

  4. Deborah says:

    I like the message that the face is part of the apathy being expressed.

  5. elicet says:

    I really wasn’t able to understand this design. It didn’t get the message through to me. I like your other work very nice.

  6. bakedstudio says:

    very interesting concept of adding a face on first three letters. Using a widely known font ‘helvetica’ on the word ‘apathy’ represented well with the grey background color. line was presented on your typeface and the mouth of the face; and point was presented as an eye inside the space of letter ‘a’.
    But is the line underneath the letter ‘p’ purposely not straight or is their any concept behind that line?

  7. Very creative thinking Ross. This is fun and very clever. Good use of balance.

  8. Dan Chittum says:

    I like the simplistic graphic approach you chose. I think it works well for what the assignment called for.

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