Hello world!


I’m Ross. Looking forward to the semester.

Here are my answers to the blog questions:

1. What is your major here at El Camino?

I am enrolled in the Photography program, but plan to do Architecture instead.

2. What other courses are you taking?

Architecture classes

3. Do you have Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign at home? If not, do you know where you can use them outside class hours?

I do have them at home

4. Have you purchased the book yet, if not, do you know where to do this?

I have purchased the book

5. Do you know where the computer lab is?

Yes, I do.

6. Do you know the computer lab’s hours? If so, what are they, if not, post them from the white board tomorrow.

I do not.

7. Do you know of any designers, if so, who?

My sister and some friends are graphic designers. I have also worked as a printer for a company in the design industry. But as far as any well known designers, I know of some architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, and about the school of Bauhaus.

8. Who is a successful designer in every day America?

I’m not sure.

9. If you could fly or be invisible, which would you choose and why?

I would choose to fly, so I can travel to places I normally could not.

10. What is your goal in the outcome of this class for yourself?

My goal in this class is to become proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator.

11. What is something about you that we would never learn without your answering this question?

I have a BA in Japanese from CSULB

12. Is there anything in particular you want to study in this course?

 No, I don’t think so.
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